Wednesday, April 2, 2014


That is when it all started. It was April 1st, 1989 -twenty five years ago today- the joke was on me and it is on you now. But for now, this story is about measuring my dysfunctions so that I can measure my task. Meaning: How much energy am I wasting because of the way that I process my assumptions, based upon my stored memories? It's called Beta Dysregulation. On a scale of (1 to 10 ) I'm a negative 7. Now to get this rating, a cap is placed upon your head and it has nodes that read the energy running through your brain; you store information in different parts of the brain; these brain areas can be read through those nodes. Side bar: I'm going to say it is passive aggressive in nature. Back to the story. All I have to do is become someone else. But, because I spent time in the "icicle Garden" you can assume that my brain was traumatized. This trauma is repressed anger because of the methods imposed upon prison life and their affect upon the felon. And it seems that I'm still in prison: hyperarousal related to anxiety. It is typically a consequence of chronic demand on the central nervous system to respond to fear including events and social distress. Like having a bull's eye on you back because you are on the sex offenders registry; this is where a serial killer "want-to-be" chose to pick his targets from last year in SC. Luckily, he was caught after his first murder. This is what the test said after it read my brain waves; it described prison to a tee.