Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Herd or Heard, what gives? they sound the same.

I like playing around with a word and its sound and meaning. The letters you use to spell out 'time' or 'emit.' These two words have the same letters; it's the interpretation of the letter string or the word and its meanderings, what the letters spell out. The same four letter spell out a different word. Some words sound the same but their letter string is different, like 'herd' or 'heard' which sound the same but have different meanings. 'Herd' is a coming together of the cows; when they do, the only sound that you 'hear' was the sound of the 'herd.' So listen to the sound of the herd and tell me what you hear. For example, the anomaly of the 'd' when ending or finishing the letter string. Do I 'd' or not? Let us ponder the thought. OK? Heard -hear, So, what is this "d" all about? I'm not sure, it could mean "daddy" to some so I'll go along with the flow. For example,  the US is in a situation over the billing it made for cattle raising on government land. In this situation the farmer fed his cattle and refused to pay his legal share which was $ 1, 000,000 dollars; he had a 'heard or herd' of cattle. But, he also had a cow mentality. Thinking that he was an individual unto himself, not the state. Now I venture to say that the cow is only a cow when he is being consumed, a piece of meat on someone else's plate. Otherwise, he is a member of the 'heard or herd.' This gathering of people -who feel as he does- are protesting against the government for doing what the government is mandated to do under our system of laws. I also believe that the cows believe that this cause of theirs will manifest its self into a ' herd or heard.' Now this 'herd or heard' is something that I can join. This is my type of cow gathering. Quiet would be nice so that I could hear and discern the merits of the situation. What is the cow listening to 'hear'? Is the individual listening?  Also, "d" could stand for 'dilettante.' Sort of how some feel about the merits of God's unfurling. As in, how are things going in their life? To me, the 'dilettante' is a false face on life's potential; they hear it all; just like Putin of Russia, they manipulate their stage to consume. They feed you what they want you to 'hear' so that you graze together as a groupie, herd. So maybe this is what it is all about, you each went to a pile of cow dung an harvested a golden mushroom- happy camping.