Thursday, April 24, 2014

Then... I died.

The only tenderness in my life came from the streets. My environment was brutal; my streets lied to me and some said they loved me. It was a sexual revolution fostered and parented out of WWII. They came back from the war liberated in victory. The G.I. bill was their ticket to ride. Life in the streets was robust to say the least. For me it began in the barber shop where my grandfather worked. He was one of those who missed the revolution. One day walking home from work with a six pack under his arm, he dropped dead just as he was turning the corner onto his own street. He lived just two houses down on the right hand side of the street; I lived on the corner where he died. Life went out to those ones who wanted it. That was a bad corner after that for me because they beat me up emotionally in my house -some kissed me on the street- others abused me. But, my favorite ones informed me, educated me on how to be a critical thinker on a confused stage leaving many failures along the way. I'm old now so things are different because I process like a book -keeper, not like a gate -keeper. Maybe it would help to understand the difference between the two points of view by looking at what the South thinks about their 'position;' Fascist in nature comes to mind. Some say that it's Southern arrogance based upon the second child syndrome. No, I'm from the East where the only thing that counts is the deal; life is a commodity which needs servicing; you are the force- it is your effect that counts. How effective will you be- that is the question. It's never about your position because everyone knows that a guy with a weak chin also has a beard to mask its perceived lacking. And by the way, I know because I am chinless and lip-less. I never smile because I'm mouth less; but I do laugh on occasion. It is all about being politically, meaning religiously correct. For example, those who were baptized via 'position' are guaranteed access to heaven - remember the Papal Bull.  And, oh yes, Saint Francis is back; he is sitting on your assurance of ascendance.