Tuesday, April 22, 2014

OpeNing -emotion or clOsiNg -silence

When you lose your memories, you lose their tangential affects upon the ability to function as if you had not lost your experiences, memories. Memories are past situations from various encounters with the environment. Now coming into the situation is what it is all about. Being a part of the interaction allows you the opportunity for growth so it is unjust to prosecute when opportunities were denied; there does not seem to be any sportsmanship in that mind set - knowing that there are many cultures mixing in this population, each socializing threw their customs. They may all visualize something different when they hear the sound of a ping. The ping is what I hear when I'm in time -travel. In mind core therapy your visual and auditory senses are stimulated;for example, the head set gives your ear the ping and the goggles give your eyes the flashes of light. The pings and the flashes oscillate and ungulate to a controllable porthole in my mind's eye. Einstein call it the worm holes.  How do you listen for the ping? When it comes at you, just maybe you are preoccupied with life's -day to day- to resonate the differences in between the pings. For example, if I may, I would like to connect the movie "planet of the Apes" and its human population of felons being enslaved because they are different from the ruling elite Apes. A military society with a powerful industrial complex geared up on the zero sum game of resources. Sort of like it is in your happy neighborhood. where the felon can not get a job because of the "Scarlet Letter" attached to his presence, to help ward of their evil spirit. The question is how do you communicate your needs to the jokers in charge of the gate -the gate keeper. Maybe upon the joker's reflection, as the old joke goes, there are two kids playing along the river's bank, one Ape kid -one Felon kid, each skimming rocks along the river's surface.  Remembrance of reconstruction politics in the early days of the old slaver's mind coming off the civil war between the states.  The Apes' rock skimmed out its ping as -chm-pan-zee; the felon's rock skimmed out -do-re-mi. One sounds like it is rap, the other rather classical, i.e, this space in between the rap and classical is the world of cognitive dissonance within and between social levels, classes.