Sunday, April 27, 2014

a patron's choice.

Give me a break, will you please. Now please, I do not mean a physical break like breaking my knee caps if I miss paying you my debt. You know, I didn't realize that it was you whom I was doing business with the blood sucker out of life's shadow. I thought I was doing business with the avatar you put out in the community to whitewash your image. Had I known that it was you and your social set of elitist sucking off of that witch's tit on the corner, I would have rendered myself a slave as is a custom in some of the tribes in the primal belief system from Africa's past. This is not one of those moments form the movies when the don said, "Hold your friends close but your enemies closer." Personally I do not want to eat with you, nor do I want you to eat me. So, as a Slave from the Southern model, pre-reconstruction, please consider me as an asset and tend to my needs. Life is about truth; life is not about what you think, life is about what life is, the meaning of is as Clinton meant. It is all about the role, it is your image. Anyway, the audience has its own obligation to suspend its disbelief. This is all about role -playing. As a patron, I can get more for my dollar if I place myself upon the stage, like a fly on the wall. The Renaissance of the role depends upon how well you shed your skin, imagine  a snake shedding its skin. Your performance is an out of body experience; this is not about your body; it's about your mind. The key to the role is that others know that it is how you measure your value.