Saturday, April 26, 2014

Let us dance

I do hate to admit that it seems to me that all the problems in the system of today's governance is spinning around the Maypole of religion. Yes, it seems to me that once you decided that your god -the god of gods- is the true and ever lasting source of enlightenment; therefore, every one else had to prostate to your sense of sensibility. I say remember the inquisition, its tone of self righteous dribble that stained the minds of reason. And by the way it also did stain the fabric of social intercourse to the extent that it is unthinkable to use the term intercourse in any throughway other than the dirty deed of fucking which you just will not take responsibility for. No, your bet is on the myth of heaven and therefore you want to waste your moment and the moments of others with the rubbish of redemption. So, let me offer up another side bar to consider: It is all about giving your brain the opportunity of moving beyond the small family of prejudice that spawns such superstitious trash. Yes, try and recycle those experiences of youth into some thing other than your juvenile assumptions hiding in the dust bolls under your bed. I say stop masturbation and star copulating so that you can come to grips with the pleasure of your mind 's fertile imagination.