Friday, April 4, 2014

"Staged"...suspension of disbelief.

Hey you, file this under carnal knowledge; That is the way we do it; you do understand that if you do not know what to do with information then you file it under carnal knowledge, right! It is the FUCK file. If you want to "set" someone up -match and set- file it in the FUCK. This story is make believe in Charleston, SC this weekend with the bridge run and so much more. They will gather and pontificate about the idealization of thought, yes their thought, not yours. So enjoy the mass baptism of joy, its the trickle down theory. They will let you come into their environment and breath the same air as they do. Please note: they believe that you are a one night stand. They are the drug of choice, not that nonsense, marihuana. They want to get you drunk on their elixir of the day -menu of the day, not marihuana. The problem with marihuana according to the church and therefore the elites is that it will free you from under their control. Marihuana will allow you to discern previously unseen patterns. freeing you to be who you are. Touching the one you are with while playing around in their sand box; tasting those primal urges of yours as you sizzle in their dinning offerings; tapping along with the beat and rhythms of their sensations; toying as only you can; they offer up to you, Charleston, city of angles, fallen angles and -kiss-en cousins to the hells angles, too;  discovering how it is theirs, yet yours alone. Welcome to being one of the elites for the day -suspension of disbelief. What do you say?