Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How dare you!

OK!  You piss someone off; it was one of your many unintended consequences leaving someone else to take the fall. So you try to figure things out, but you do not remember the moment in question. It is too late to think anyway. For example, it is a fallacy in logic for you to affirm anything using a given consequence. You cannot use the consequence from some past event to affirm the antecedent of a future event; it is illogical. There is no logic behind spite, though. Spite is seen as something done out of revenge even thought there is a cost for doing so. Because, when you are being spiteful the only think that counts is being on the positive side of zero sum,  You accept the taxation for your need, revenge; even if in the future, it comes back to haunt you. Yes, spite is all about mental rape, fucking up their psyche. Spite is all about destroying someone's environment, making someone else squirm in their own deserved cesspool. Spite is the moral high road of the twisted amongst us, using their contrivances about whatever context is at hand. Spite took your actions personally; therefore, there is a penalty to pay. It's spite laying out the punishment for others to carry out. You will hurt; you will know that you were hurt; this is the message of spite. I know that you know what I mean; you have seen others fucked over by the proverbial stranger. It is the conspiracy theory. For example, your secret about being gay is out in the public domain; you do not know who outed you. You are fucked because you lie on your employment contract. Now you are jobless or missed another promotion. Your friend- you fucked his wife without permission- tells the IRS that you have not been paying your taxes on that off shore bank account of  yours, a little spite there -don't you think? And this, all because your friend used to be your wife; she knows where all the shit is buried. So much for a three-way bi-way performance.