Saturday, April 26, 2014

It's a game.

Can you imagine what it would be like if you had to live your life as if your neighbor had sway over your actions, to the extent that your pleasure depends upon how comfortable your neighbor is with how well you respect their wishes over yours? The herd is forming so get along little doggie. There is one small point that every one seems to have forgotten, Al Gore did develop the internet for commercial use because before it was called the internet. It was called N.S.A. It is an arm of the military. V.P. Gore was releasing this tool of the industrial military complex of data mining over to private industry. This is the way of the system, get the government to develop and harness these capital pathways.  Now, just like Humpty-Dumpty falling off of the wall you are not going to get your civil rights put back together again. You had civil rights, or you believed that you had civil rights until you found out that they never existed accept in your inadequate memory, education. Please name me any organization out there in these days of the quagmire that do not readily subjugate your needs to the needs of its process. Individuals in today's social fabric is frayed and is being cheapened each day as their quality of live fades along with the gloss of their clothing, all of which is being manufactured from afar to justify some fucking twisted need to sway and control more of the world's resources. The corporation as an individual is only in the mind of someone who wants to control you through their financial wealth. The U.S. supreme court just gave private industry another step up in their control over you when they gave political forces the power to consume any of the effect that the individual "should" have over the election process. The individual is loosing in all of the areas that their parents had sway. Why? Well because it just might be that you do not count because you have not participated in the system's life; those who were in the war could not be set aside like the undisciplined children which they spawned. Their children just want a good tanning process; you know those tan lines you see when you get down and dirty while getting naked.