Monday, April 7, 2014

Dancing the..."Can Can"...I knew I could.

 To be or not to be formal is another circus under the "big-top." I say to be informal is a good place to start: is only formal about your privacy; otherwise, the "fix" is in. This is the stage of yes, not the stage of no. Your Easy Side is "our easy side." It is all about yes you can; it's  dancing the "can can,"go see if you can. This is seeing if you can get justice out of the system; it's not a quixotic aspiration; it's social justice. Getting your needs met is very iffy for an inmate when he is not grounded. The basic four(4) foot square that you might consider your is never owned by the inmate; the space that he occupies is rented space and each step he takes is coveted by another inmate trying to get his needs met.

Now for the story about teaching inmates how to want to learn when the environment's choices are stunted. We are dealing with roughly 1250(+ or -) inmates who are all in their own orbit moving in and out of a steady diet of mayhem. It's an environment of quicksand; each moment's calamity sucks you deeper into another quagmire vetted with its own unique demons. Now here is the trick: allow the brain to find its image amongst others; this will allow the mind to settle down, allowing the brain to develop a new staged environment in its mind so that the inmate can mature. Teaching the inmate how to be a learner, not a mimicker, will assure him that his brain can come up with a viable solution to life's problems because he can communicate within more than one range and domain - critical think. You do this through stories; stories that are relevant to the inmate; stories that will help the inmate to move more freely around inside his own imagination. The "icicle garden" is very sophisticated, yet at the same time very primal; it all depends on the circumstances, or situations at hand. For example, vocabulary can be a game changer, teaching an inmate that there are words out there that will describe what he is trying to say to himself. This vocabulary will help his mind to be more quiet because it fosters assurance, therefore hope. If you wish to get one of our "social justice"  t-shirts "just e-mail us at