Saturday, April 5, 2014

today's .....?

You are not going to believe this but this is the first time that I lost a blog. Right!  It was there and than it was gone! I had a blank page in front of me - this page that I'm writing on now,  just a moment ago it was a partially completed blog. I was blogging about the three legs, stools of the system, like the chair metaphor. There was Law, Order and Church each a separate odoriferous force; when all three come down upon you it is pungent to say the least. Yes, the question is how to fight back when their spin is a negative enforcer to foster hate upon yours truly. If they would allow me to publish my side of the story, my situation would surely change for the better- theirs not so well because their stench runs very deep indeed in this particular context. Anyway! When you are a political prisoner -that is me; you are shut off from society's market place; Therefore, you have no income. If the courts will not listen to you, what do you do? I say, "You form a labor union for those felons who have been denied access to the market place of life's dreams." This is a labor issue; there needs to be a union's force on the table before there will be any attempt at social justice.  Now, if I were a union than I could get benefits for my losses do to the need that society has to deny me my rights of equality. Maybe, I should or could get unemployment for life; non-felons get everything, This is the question: Where is their Christian God? Nietzsche said "God is dead."  Maybe the problem was in the fact that there was anyone out there in the first place that would even follow along with such a shallow force, as demonstrated through its inaction. Maybe, God never existed: I'm wondering  how God will last as the "urban legend."