Thursday, February 6, 2014

...Good to go.

I'm on the "Horse with no name;" I'm in the Mohave desert, 29 Palms. It is drawing me into its wonder. This is why I'm on a "Horse with no name." I'm just trotting along with the Joshua tree inhaling the herb-of-the-day and along comes nature in her most magnificence, wearing her boulders about as the queens of the day wear their bobbles of wealth. Think all the kink that you wish to think; I'm with you all the way. When you are on a "horse with no name," there is room about for all to play. Have your creative way about how you wish to face the day; Nature wants you to free its creativity laying within your reach. This is done by being yourself, free from the prejudices acquired through life's experiences. Leave life's jalopy at the threshold and get on the "horse with no name."