Saturday, February 22, 2014

The massage is the message. How do you like your chicken cooked, Chicken?

OK! The House of Cards is an enchanting story of the truth. Now, what the truth is all about is all together another issue. When describing the relations between the actors, meaning the position they hold because of the job that they have, is a true reality for the consumer to consume. Because of this, I question the message. I do this because the system is not really a fluid movement. Think the world stage; it's Putin of Russia on top of the hegemony movement forming over the renaissance coming out of the old communist ideology. There is talk today about dividing California up into six separate states. So when the system portrays its self in such a ruthless manner it is being done to condition its population to new horizons of servitude. Yes, I say this because it is the TV set or a fact similarly which molds our behavior. It worked so well on the English that it was imported to the US. That's right. The House Of Cards, like the war movie that our fathers consoled around, let us know what has to happen for our own good. Welcome to the world of becoming a felon because there is no way to fight the system and survive meaning that you want to have a consequential life. Being that you realize that God is just another one of the TV programs produced some two thousands years ago and is still showing on old Broadway, as they say. For example, people are killing each other in this new renaissance forming under Putin and others like him fighting for their hegemony, as they tear at the old carcass of the Soviet Union and its environs. There is no meaning to good vs. evil; it is about obtaining control over the zero sum score board.Think about it this way: the population is spending their money on "pot" and the dollar shift is being affected across all lines. Therefore there needs to be a tax to control the movement of "pot."  Some think that six is the right number.