Thursday, January 9, 2014

...the twins... NM & SC...dash of the "rogue" for seasoning.

Why am I asking for your help?  And!  I will answer that question with a question: Could you fend off the tsunami brought about by the governors of NM & SC as they colluded with 3rd party interest to have me incarcerated. Yes! Money. I have been in recovery for many years now; I still can not come to turns with my situation. All I ask you to do is question the way in which the 'rogue prosecutor' can use the system of justice to critique the law in that direction which best allows for her malfeasance. So I want you to sit on my jury and listen to the evidence. Meanwhile: I'm putting out a paragraph or two each day to set the story straight. I must warn you that the manner in which I express myself is or can be rambling, but, if you read on and persevere I am sure that you brain will percolate up some kind of resolve. Now! You can find me "guilty as charged" or "she fucked him up the ass and than asked the prison population to have their pleasure." Either way! Please join and help assist those who are less fortunate to get a better chance for a "lift up in life." The criminal justice system is in trouble because it does not understand that it is the 'brain' and not the 'body' that is being molested in the "Icicle Garden."  My 'rogue prosecutor' labeled me a child raper; that you can let sit in your mind's prison all eyes were on me, please use your imagination. Now! I'm on the street and she has me on her internet 'hit list" sex offenders registry and because of that I have been molested just like in the "Icicle Garden."Welcome to my world.