Sunday, January 5, 2014

Irish Catholic: Black Irish

Boston, MA, 1942 you were considered to be of another race if you were Irish
catholic. When I went through school, they deliberately let me fall through the cracks. They kept a member of my family in the same grade until she was sixteen years old; they never educated her to be anything other than "helplessness." Why? Because her mother attempted suicide and was unsuccessful; leaving her to raise her children with limited knowledge about how society functions including the social sexual environment of those days. The Irish Catholics of Boston, MA were held up in society as being very cultist. The Irish were the dredge of Europe; Bostonians thought about the Irish Catholics as the European's thought about the Gypsy/Roma of Europe. Their religious practices were from the 'dark side.' Secret rituals were thought to be sexual rituals from a lower class of people, Irish Catholic. Another way to understand what I'm trying to suggest is "being a black" child in the South, maybe Charleston, SC, and see how they were deliberately denied equal educational opportunity. The Southern Gate Keepers are still out and about. Just look how they control the incarceration of their state's population. Remembrance: It was the money from the European aristocracy that financed the Southern aristocracy which settled the Southern shores of these united states. Unionize! Stand up and walk away from the way in which you have been tethered like a sheep.