Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"Inside out.....?"

It is girl to girl in the mind; it is girl to girl in role; it is not girl to girl in body; but, the body part differences fits the opposites function. for example, two girls getting together and no tulip, or a transgender male and a lesbian. the he/she offers tulip and breasts. It is not 100% so the question becomes how satisfactory is it? Are you satisfied if you are 75% of the solution?  Compare that to men in prison and it is only men to man. So what you have there is gay male of the mind and body coupling with male/male or male/bi and that seems to be 50% satisfactory. But, in prison sexuality is always the flavor to the day. It's also true that you may not like that flavor. Sometimes you have to take that flavor anyway. In prison sexuality is inculcated within the prison's mind set. It is so potent too; it fuses from the in side the prison outward into the community; it is one of society's urban legends. The ebb and flow of male sexuality in an environment of eruptions with consequences. For example, now this is a non sequencer, Obama's "state of the union" was picked apart by many pundits with different perspectives and yet they all used the phrase "the American people" as if they there where such a population, because the individual in today's society wants to have 'quality time' with self, absent the day-to-day necessities required to maintain a comfortable day-to-day and each individual has their own way of occupying their day-to-day. This is what they want, meanwhile society's industry wants them to work but they do not want to pay for it; industry wants to control its workforce's productivity and comfort levels keeping workers hungry. I say this because, when the pundits talk about "jobs" they are talking about the bottom 33% of the work population and not about the upper classes of society. And the middle class of days gone by are taking the jobs of today's lower class leaving the bottom out on the street. And when your on the streets all of your parts are in play so that your societal look of social sexual self fosters a mental meltdown, Also, when you are in living in this melt down state you live alone even if someone else is there with you living on the streets.