Monday, January 20, 2014

Creativity is the force.

The most restrictive restrict brings about a very limited force leaving the brain inhibited, so when that brain finds creativity it can become a controlling force. For example, each morning you wake up in the off position because that is your base line, most restrictive restrict. Using 420 as a working metaphor, consuming a 'joint' and or understanding its affect is what gives life meaning. Thinking out side of the 'box.' The idea is to let go of what you know so that you can learn something new about the situation at hand, moment to moment learning within the environment. Now how do you get this mind set? Poverty is a great contributor for it lacks socialization. And the world around poverty is all socialized in a very esoteric way - lack of educational opportunities during early development. etc. I think that you can find poverty living in many environments where you find neglect the functioning life style, rich or poor-  the brain in a niggardly environment. Now this is where the generic felon resides because society denies them employment. Yes, being a felon places the most restrictive restrict against your opportunities in the world of the elite; this is why society has always had such a robust "black market".  The "silk road" is on the down low side and under the radar because government controls its society and its society's pleasures by outlawing them. Restrictions seem to be foolish if all they do is create felons and a robust "black market." Thank God there is a "black market" or a generic felon could not feed their family.