Sunday, January 19, 2014

The pill of life....'hope' or 'revenge'.

I think that I, as you do too, need to have the opportunity to share with others in ways that are different then when I'm not trying to survive. Survival is a full time endeavor for a felon. For example, I can step upon the stage and play my part and it would be OK. Yet, playing my part on another stage, I'm branded a 'felon,' not suitable for consumption. Please remember that"All the world is a stage...." On today's stage the felon's becoming the "urban legend." It is one of those twisted myths that help to guide these twisted ways. It's imagination spawned off itself becoming a mysterious truth. The truth is quite simple; we are all sinners, felons. Yes, but if you isolate all the sinners than that's all there would be. Sinners do not want to sin all the time; sometimes sinners want to be people too. This legend veils the felon in a negative light, castrating future opportunity. Crushing all spirit. Setting the stage for revenge, this is what is being harvested in these times, revenge. Revenge has a way of reviving an individual's spirit. Yes, this is why the felon needs access back into society. There may be a chance that the felon was never socialized in the first place. For example, when I approach some one as if to pass on by, I always step to the right. Do you? When driving, it is smart to drive on the right side of the road, priority is always to the right. But some never yield, riding the left rail out of town.