Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I'm hungry!

Now! Do you understand what others have gone through because of their 'felon' status? Think about what you have gone through because you are out of work. Maybe because a family member lost their ability to find gainful employment. The middle class is shrinking and the 'felon' cast is on the verge of exploding and  exposing to you just how cruel society has been to those who have been rejected by the moral slice of society which needs to keep others in check, just to keep the status quo. Yes! It's trickle down only after the aristocrats of today's ruling class have gorged itself until it has to throw-up its savage feast upon its desires. Yes! The criminal justice system is savagely feasting on the carcass of society. Because of a rouge prosecutor and a dysfunctional system, I became a 'felon' and the 'rogue' became a hero to the slime that gives it its power. Slime is what happens when you leave the problem to rot because you do not want to be stained by it. Maybe you feel that if you persecute others that you will be elevated to some deserving position that you know that you did not attain through your own effort but by allowing others to keep those who are less fortunate from elevating their lot. Religious war! or Social war! It does not make a difference or a pathway for those less fortunate to rise up and succeed. Remember, until you get involved,  those who are feasting on the fruits of society will not allow other access to society's garden of plenty. A discarded bone from the carcass of life boiled in a pot of water does not make a soup. OK!