Friday, January 10, 2014

New world order!

Where are you in the circle of life: Walking up the stairs, or perhaps failing and walking down the stairs?  The stairwell is not the 'elite' way of doing things. For example, the government has its own private railway system under the streets of the capital for the elites of government. Think! It is always zero sum, trickling down to you so that all of the twirling and swirling of life belongs to them, the 'elites' of life. Now if we all got off of the stairwell, it would no longer have an effect upon us. We too could become more acquainted with our inner being, enjoying the fruits of our labors fairly with others among all of us. What am I saying? I'm saying that wants to be the escalator's stairwell mode of transportation. Helping to get you educated so that you have available to you the resources needed to prevail in this social climate. If you are not of the 'elite' segment of our society, than there is a great chance that in the near future a member of your family could attain 'felon' status; it's an epidemic without a vaccine.