Thursday, January 2, 2014

"Openness is empty if recepitivity is closed."

The truth does not mater when you are converted into a 'metaphor' and than eviscerated so that the metaphor remains and you are stained, second class trash. Still in times past, it was trailer park trash not the poor or the struggling young. Also, the 'rogue' prosecutor wants to be on the 'fast track' moving up Sisyphus's hill toward power's peek. Now, every one in government is on the hill too. There are no exceptions - for example, a young actor killing his uncle, as a son kills his father on their voyage into fertility. It does not make any difference when it comes to the 'system.' The 'system' is tribal for at its center you find the force of 'X,' the unknown, as in mathematical hermeneutics. It controls all of the variables in the formula's validity. Now! If felon equaled 'X' in society's model then attention would have to be programmed into the societal algorithm's force. So, think union because its construct is imbedded in the "system." If you want to be "X" than unionize through And the force of "X" will balance out 'your' playing field. It was social circumstances that brought the felon into confluence with a societal norm. Why?! because we aspire to climb Sisyphus's hill  without knowing its true cost for our participation. News is edited. Yes! I admit that society never showed me their norms. Anyway, not through their actions. Why? Because the way that you think about something is controlled by the beast laying in the stomach of those who control the wealth of the world. For example, in the US the bottom 60% of wage earners do not even register on how power is distributed upon the stage that we all 'praise'.  RIGHT!!!!