Thursday, January 2, 2014

They are always 'rogues'.

Without money you can not even 'shit.' Life is the 'stage'! Opportunities are not independent variables but dependent upon another 'variable.' Now! If 'Opportunities' were independent than the playing fields of life would be open to all. But, the gate keepers are in control of those moments of opportunities; they will not allow you access. This has happened to most of the people with whom you may come into contact with, maybe all of those in your family have been a victim of this disparity of 'opportunities.' Never buy into the rhetoric espoused on equality. If 'opportunities' were Christmas gifts nestled under the Christmas tree, a single piece of coal would symbolize your value in the 'depth and breath' of life. The distribution of resources are controlled by the 'gate keeper'; the gate keeper's 'key' does not open your 'lock.'