Saturday, January 18, 2014


This is all about me; you and I both know why this is the situationist.  "You" out there - you are the generalized other - one of the occupants in time and space that make up the context unfurling as life moves on moment to moment. That is, except me; I'm the felon stuck in the horizontal glide pathway to oblivion. Now in SC there is a felon who has his own reality TV show. And I wish him all the best, but the generic felon does not have the same opportunities to access the resources. Education and the family have always been kept in check through the way in which the education system is allocated. The ratio of money was spent based upon the value of your home. The more affluent the neighborhood was, the more money was spent on their school system. I brought that up to a teacher for a paper assignment and she said that it was not an example of a dysfunctional distribution. Another one of my "F"'s in school. It was so zero-sum. It was a distribution system which by its nature would fail to educate the bottom silent majority of the underclass. This is why poverty breeds poverty. But I tell you that that teacher was so right on when it came to presenting her message. Very analytical delivery system- I learned something each time I was in her classroom. Let's get this back on track: the generic felon needs to be given the opportunity to associate again, with whatever opportunity that presents itself and the felon fits the criterion. I enjoyed symbolic logic because it has this principal that you cannot use the consequences of a previous action as a predictor for a following action. It's a "fallacy" in logic to use the consequences to affirm the antecedent. Today's social contract is a "fallacy" The felon is unequal and therefor "should" be compensated for this classification. You have to pay the felon because you enslaved the felon.