Monday, January 13, 2014


I was taking a walk along the park when I came upon two women, one local and the from Michigan; the visitor was having chagrin because she was leaving tomorrow. I mentioned how wonderful my stay was last September when I was in upper Michigan on Lake Superior.  And I asked her why she was sad because Michigan is so enjoyable.  I told them how several weeks ago 'Annie,' the play, was in town and "tomorrow" is the signature song. I mentioned to the woman from Michigan that my mother was an "Annie -girl"; she too wished for her -Daddy Warbucks. I  think that any "Annie girl" would love to have such a beautiful Charleston day to share with their friends. So I said how lucky we are to have such a beautiful Charleston day, beautiful blue sky, and snow white clouds spicing up are view. I said sing along with Annie tomorrow on your way out of town and make tomorrow your day instead of today. I felt better for the exchange, and I believed they did too for she did say that she was an 'Annie' fan.  I think to be an "Annie girl" you have to have been an orphan coming out of a very  dysfunctional child care system as was in the turn of the 21st century. And the felon is being processed in the 22nd century as were the orphans of the 21st. As we helped "Annie" and other orphans who had been mistreated by our social justice system of yesteryear. Felons need equality with the group as stated in the 14th amendment of our constitution. Not another whitewash like 5 POINTS in one of NY City's environs.