Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bureaucracy: the prisoner's dilemma.

A title, a story, a picture and somewhere the message evolves from the mixture. Do the three come into confluences as a unified whole or do they conflict with each other as to meaning? Each has its own point of view, yet offers clarity of purpose. For example, does the title describe only the picture, and not the story? Maybe they only tell you something about the author of the story. So that you understand from separate platforms, perspectives. Does the story hold together without title and picture? Is that enough for you to understand purpose? The reason I ask is that it seems that there are many ways in which the situation 'could' be interpreted. For example, the picture was whitewashed over last month along with many other great expressions coming from society's children. These were the children of 5Points. They were expressing the same emotion that they too were being whitewashed by the ruling elite. The picture was their only mark of being; it was whitewashed over by the ruling elite, who snuffed them out.  Again and again, this is the way it is. The ruling elite simply whitewashed the graveyard of souls. If you are the prisoner, and it's your dilemma, and the judgement is based upon plea bargaining, than you are guilty until proven innocent; and that road has great hazards along the way because "my prosecutor is a 'rogue.'"