Sunday, January 12, 2014


I have a little business proposition for you: I want to help you to make your way! Why, is that your question? Well I have a new site coming on line in the near future and it will be When the site was first conceived, I was working on putting together a program on Romney Street in Charleston, SC that was designed to help the job situation in that neighborhood. But, because I'm a felon and because of the climate in Charleston's business community, I'm seen as the 'devil' carrying the mark of the demon, 666. I'm felon 666 in the sheriff's office. This is where I must register four times a year for the rest of my life; I have no civil rights, if I do not have all my civil rights as stated in the 14th amendment of the constitution, than I have no equal rights among others. And that includes the ruling 'elite' even if they believed that sacrificing me for one of their own is justified. So, what happened? I put $150,000.00 dollars in a bank account to secure 33 Romney St., but the deal went south because of expenses. I was not going to pay the fee of $70,000.00 dollars; it was the way they made the request. There was no way to go to court for the expenses; to do so would just queer the deal. So, I moved on, and yes there are other stories. Back to the business proposition, is taking up the original idea and its going to use it as a business model for its on- line service for felons who want to get involved. We will be offering our first "social justice" t-shirt to the community in the near future. will bring balance to the "social justice" movement.