Saturday, January 4, 2014

Zero sum: My prosecutor is a 'rogue.'

Let's set the stage at 100 units: two actors are gathering up their pieces.  Upon completion, they set their value in percentage format. For example, 1/3 and 2/3 equals 3/3' s and as those fractions change they express the relationship between the actors and the actors' relationships to the 100 pieces available. The game of zero sum is to control all the units; it's adversarial in nature, as in the SC's law. SC 's pathway of plea bargaining is an example of zero sum against the 14th amendment; the units at play are the felon's civil rights. Their is another game called the prisoner's dilemma; the question is to plea or not to plea before your partner in crime pleas; in that case, you lose because others made the deal to purjure their side of the story;  for doing so, they get favorable status with the prosecutor. The 14th amendment is equal under the law, not 'favorable' as is 'zero sum' for the rogue prosecutor. This means that the prosecutor can plea bargain away your civil rights? My prosecutor was a 'rogue'!