Friday, January 10, 2014

"Rome" resurrecting its Cast: felon

I felt fear today: he said,  "there was a 100% chance that things were going to change"; he said, "stay in la la land." All I can say is that there is no justice against another's underlying 'prejudice.' Also! It came to me that maybe not every one will understand why I'm calling for a felon's union. Please, let's be frank. Until the problem gets political recognition, like a 'minority,' there is no way to fix the problem. For example,  there are six million plus felons; if they all joined they would become a lobbying power as well. By the way, non-felons can become members as well. I'm looking at the system from the inside, looking out. As a felon out of the 'icicle garden,' I'm out- side looking into the system. There is no pathway for me. Now! If there is no pathway for someone with resources, such as myself, how can the generic felon survive? So! Now! The generic felon is on the road to recidivism. And the federal government pays the state's expenses. The more arrests a police department makes the more federal dollars the government will contribute to maintaining this relationship. You see recidivism works well with the police department. The problem is, it does not work well for the American People. The system has turned in on itself and has produced a cast system. More and more people will be enslaved as unequal to the system. Therefore, in reflection, I hope that you understand that without political power the system will enslave us all. And than only the 'elites' of society will " walk without feet, fly without wings, and think without mind." All the rest of us will, like in the days of Rome, be stoking the fires underneath  the streets of Rome as the elites bathe in their bath houses of pleasure.