Thursday, November 28, 2013

Today is my day to be the "w.i.p.," Work in progress," how do I move each agenda's construct around the different stages of my mind? Good question, right? YES! Imagine if you will, 1963:  Your job that day was to "slice and dice" the books for Norman W. Farley. I was the book-keeper and office manager for The Meadow's, a night club just 12 miles west of the city: Boston. Cash would be coming through the front door, and I would convert it into an expense, so that we showed a lost for the day, even though we were quite busy. How did I do this? might ask. It was simple for me because  in one of my previous lives, I ran the show department in a major department store on Moody St. in Waltham, MA. Your storage room is set up according to style, and therefore, at different times of the year, each style holes a different fraction of that space. Back to Farley - every utensil, (i.e., cup, fork, chair, etc.) in the club was rented from another one of his businesses, his children. Now, Murphy was the accountant, C.P.A.  He wanted a day -to- day fractional interest paid out against all rental assets. We even had a house on the property that housed "disabled-boys," a way to spread the "flow" around. The "flow," the day's activities, were comprised of Farley's affairs and those of his brother. Needless to say, I loved my position. Each and every day I would get to here the "stories" as they trickled, twirled, and swirled, as if they flowed from the cigar tipping side ways from his lips.  Farley's desk was set for two, bifurcated. and right behind my chair, taking up most of the wall space, was the safe. and that is where I stored Farley's books. Yes, the cash was in there too. So now this is why I'm forming a "Felon's" union, to create a political presence, on behalf of myself and others who have been fucked over by those who hold public positions that are supposed to take our interest into the "mix." But instead, use their position to further their own agenda. And I'm going to use the "W.I.P." as evidence to deconstruct their constructed web of shame. 
P.S. ...if you are a felon and you do not join "" in this endeavor, well than, shame on you.