Saturday, July 18, 2015


When you smoke 'pot' something happens to your way of seeing a thought; all of a sudden you are the thought; it makes you feel good too. You can touch something in that moment; you come into confluence; you relate totally to it; you can visualize it because it is "its" it. yes! you can toy with it too. This way you discover diversity to pleasure around your it. You know -discerning all the peripheral nuances buzzing about your mind. For example, what does it feel like to be dormant: It feels like me. Think about it this way: as the differences between effect & affect: when you are dormant because of how you were effected. So now, when in life its affect becomes its effect because now it's your emotions due to interacting with others. Shit! This is when you end up taking that first "drink" hoping that your affect will feel the effect of the alcohol and go dormant. But you wake up from its effect, therefore running havoc on Effects' day. Now! think about resistance, the force to overcome. You compete against your own thoughts; it's a learning process. As such, you recognize it - stop accommodating it -better to assimilate it, make it your own. You can always feel as if resistance is nothing more than the "family skeleton" lurking out and about. Otherwise you sit on the front porch watching the carpenter -bee bore holes into your house; with the hole just finished, its sawdust comes down in the form of snow like flakes falling from the sky.  My porch faces the forest of trees with their many greens blending through out. The bumble bee's activities show up quite nicely against the forest's green. Maybe it is depression from repressing something of its effect: Imagine being a white  -cracker falling asleep, dreaming his nightly nite mare where he finds himself as a black lesbian hooker turning tricks for the white crackers patronizing the watering holes along the Grand Strand; while there, he  finds that he is pounding on himself in such a deviant way that his morning wake up call finds surprising evidence in a wet-dream.