Thursday, July 30, 2015

Social Justice...!

It is the structure of the construct: You might think that you are in control or maybe on the fast -track
to 'trumping' out your cohort -one for the Donald. So! How about it: if we look at the situation from your point of view; "out and about" should be the name of it. Because you are the product of your family's wealth, or lack thereof. Now let's look at the difference between being a member of your school's alumni because you graduated or attended, what ever the arrangements are. You are a member of a union of people. Now if you did not attend school, you are not a member of anything remotely closed to a union of people; this is why the criminal justice system has been rolled over into the private sector. Yes! As the wealth keeps floating up to the top tier to do with as they wish; and as they say in that neighborhood, "I can't see it from my house." Think about the idea that yesterday's middle class is today's common class; this is where they will harvest their felon class to fill their prisons so that their share holders will make a profit. Remember! It's a duty of the corporation to maximize profit for the good of the shareholder. It's all about the revolving door felons are our crop to harvest and capitalize upon; felon equal profit on the corporate balance sheet, its bottom line. Social justice "should" be your bottom line. There is nothing more grass roots than unionizing from the bottom line. Coming together on the effects of prisons on an individual's psyche. I know from personal experiences because, in my case, the me that went into prison, died in prison, because of fear. Yes! I was frightened to death; I came out of prison with a bull's eye stamped on my body informing the crazies that if you have to fuck with anyone -fuck me. Side bar: In SC, about a year and a half ago I was on someone's hit list. He got caught only after he killed his first person on his list; it could have been me. There is no recourse. Therefore! At this point the key to understanding is to  Think without anger.