Monday, August 3, 2015


How about looking at it from this point of view: that which is developed within the military can easily be transferred into the market place of ideas; this is industry. Now it is not the same for industry because it is difficult to convert the utility of commerce back into the 'self best interest model' for military consumption; it would be like putting the 'genie' back into the bottle. It's the military industrial complex which drives the future's fruition.You need the government as a structure to influence. You need to be on the 'proverbial -table' because everyone is looking for the "silver bullet" to help them secure a more sustainable involvement with their community; after all each is a member of the whole whether or not they are active or just residing, the whole is affected. For example, when the criminal justice system moves their charge for detainment it has been to move the prisons into to towns that are in need of financial help & jobs. This happens because the inmate carries their federal dollars with them when they are being imprisoned. The southern white towns got the money as if the inmate were living in the community amongst the town's people. OK! Let me put this 'rumor' to rest once and for all: I was incarcerated at Lieber prison in Ridgeville, SC. until my last month where I was placed in a pre-release center in Columbia, SC doing voluntary work for the community for 30days until the state released me back into the community of Charleston, SC. -1993. I never saw Ridgeville, SC except that one time they took me into Ridgeville for a hearing test; than back to the prison -the icicle garden.  Now! The town was losing jobs, losing their work force. The children were moving out of town for jobs, work. The town's tax base was shrinking because the young were moving; they were taking their federal tax dollars along with them. Yes! It's the 'silver bullet' to solve their problem replacing the children with the felons. Federal dollars for felon housing to help subside the town's financial burden. So, if this is how the system works, you learn how to work it by first understanding it - simple. Government is made up of component pieces. You want to be one of those pieces; therefore you need to be part of something, -government recognizes the union's construct. Therefore, the 'silver bullet' for social justice concerning felons, minority populations is uniozing; it simply puts the dollar back into your hand; so by joining the union you chose to deposit these play dollars which are on your ass right over here with the union. And! Of cause the union expects you to support it if and when you can. OK! Think about it this way; it is one of your choices; it is a way... "to free oneself from old assumption, to discern previously unseen patterns and to dare, come touch, taste, tap, toy with & discover that which is ours is yet, yours alone." Now that line come out of my past, I believe it has to do with something about the Humanities; anyway I like it because you chose to put your value where it serves your self best interest. I think of a union as a stage to play upon -role play. Shakespeare did say that "all the world is a stage, we are all mere actors...."