Saturday, August 8, 2015


So! Can you discern the soul of government, composed of social entitlements like those of the South? Yes! South Carolina comes to mind along with its ubiquitous cockroach. Life cannot be about attaining a place on the other side of midnight, the hereafter, or even just tomorrow. The question is -how esoteric will 'government' be when it chooses to speak? Now there are twenty six letters in the English language's alphabet. Can you imagine how well off you could be today if yesterday you had learned their nuances? Now if you could, as they say, dance with those letters, would you foster the length and breath of your word strings so that they would be fostering your way? Because it is where the word -worlds of literature spring forth from.What do those letters sound like to you when you are in sub-vocal voice, self talk. Their timbre, color, cadence - even syncopation. I know the line is, "a rose is a rose, is a rose. Yes! Clinton did say it depends in the meaning of is. Let me make my point clear.  A letter is not a rose because it can be whatever it wants to be; for, the letters combine like DNA with other letters producing the story of life, literature. The stories about the life of DNA's child. For example, the power of those letters when they choose to cohabit, produce a word like 'love' with all of its depth to touch all of us in some fashion. Side bar: you need all 26 letters, learn to dance with each one separately, to know its origin and use. For example, the same four letters when combined can produce dissonance amongst the meaning of the word, Now! I love the Donald but if he became President, he too would look into the eyes of Putin and see a soulmate just as did President Bush. What ever you devour becomes a part of you, your responsibility, consequences for the good or evil. It's the love of 'power.' This is the Oligarchical throne being played around -Trump would be like, you know, sitting on the head of the lead elephant crossing the ALPS to devastate Rome, Hannibal! No! What this world needs now is the sweet touch of awareness on how the political system works like Hillary. Please do not get bent out of shape over the metaphor's use of Political Dynasty - of knowing because it's the stage upon which they are lettered, PHD in Hermeneutics. Now that is the 'evil' stage. This is 'live' stage.