Friday, August 14, 2015


It was a thrill to meander threw the "rants & raves" section on Craigslist yesterday because there in the Asheville, NC, I found a posting titled "Answer." Now if you ever want to feel good about yourself; then I suggest that you gander at or peruse through them; read them so that you know that you are not alone for you have found a community which you can relate to and reflect on. Yes! All that and even more if you dub the cape of creativity in the form of an online avatar. SO! What was so thrilling? Well, I wrote a blog for The Black called "!" And I'm on Craigslist out of South West Va. where I hit on a post called "Answer" which originated out of Asheville, only to find my post with a new name. Yes! Someone used my post -verbatim but gave it a different title:"Answer" They even used my web site for any comments on the post. OK, you might ask, why are you so excited? Well now I know that at least one person read and understood what I was trying to communicate. Anyway I sent off a comment to his post saying, "very interesting, do you mind elaborating?"  The reply came back, "the raleigh boyz are at it." So now I know that the -raleigh boyz- are passing me on to new frontiers just like in "Star Trek."What is the point? This is the point. Donald -while running for the Presidency- said that he knew the meaning of 'fair,' what it is all about, just like the rest of us do. To me that sounds like the pornography argument. " I know it when I see it" OK! let's think about the consequences of our actions. Then I say that the prison experience will pervert the mind of the individual. What does that mean? I is the meaning of 'fair' in society.  Now when I say perversion, I mean that the mind will never be the same; the prison experience is eat or be eaten; this is on a good day. I know as far as my prison experience; I died of fear because I never knew if they were going to attack or not. I was never comfortable because I was strip searched more days than not during my incarceration.  Let me tell you what fair is: verbatim -word for word- the raleigh boyz were fair with me; they just nicknamed me the 'Answer' not "!"  And! this I can live with because it helps to get me out and about.