Saturday, August 8, 2015!

Please follow along with the story, I went into the bar to talk with people, just being social. My problem was that they all wanted to 'fuck' me one way or the other, where I just want to talk; I wanted to talk because I can not fuck. Well it is not my best suite, anyway. You might agree that this is a dilemma; yet, you just might like seeing me get whipped, right. These people are beach people; you know, vacationing along the ocean's front beach. Sex was always getting in my way because of fear, some family dysfunction, maybe. Yet, I still wanted to be intimate even though I new that I was a lousy -lay. Now! This was her opening line to me while the two of us sat at the bar having an afternoon drink, "I really would love to fuck you, Tom, but you do not have enough for me; let's dance" and dance we did all night long, doing the bar scene along the grand strand in Myrtle Beach, SC.  She had just slain the giant dragon -anxiety over sexual performance. If you see it through my perspective; you will understand why it is that I am a barfly. Coffee Bars are some of the nicest places to meet cool folk. She shaped the evening so that I was wanting and I had not wanted in the past. But, first I had to role play being her girl friend. You know! dropping the guy thing; getting into the girl thing of connecting on basic things. Think of it this way: you need to do a little bit of role playing on the example, thanks. You are putting an add on Craig's list in the personal section. "I'm a guy who likes to play the girl's role; I'm looking for someone like me; so that, the girls could kiss and snuggle, no guy stuff. I'm looking for my "Alice" to show me the way around her rabbit hole. I love role play and I like to play so as to please :)You see, I know that as far as a clitoris goes, my snub nose pistol looks impressive; but, yes! I'm not questioning the validity of function: just stating that my 'tulip' looks bigger than your hard on. That was just girl talk about "hard -on." See what happens to you when you walk into a bar in Myrtle Beach, SC. and sit down to have a night cap; you end up talking to someone who has you imagining that it's your feminine side that helps traverse the slopes of social intercourse.