Tuesday, July 28, 2015

To pee or not to pee...!

This is all about taking my morning walk. I have two possibilities when I'm walking: first in Charleston, SC I walk from my condominium on the Ashley river through Wagener Terrace until I get to the Citadel and Hampton Park where I walk around three times and head home again. So I have to pee before I leave the house because there are no pee spots along the way. Now one of my problems is old -age, meaning I seem to pee all the time, like waking up several  times each night. So, to me -peeing in Charleston, SC is another way that civilization has found to keep me in check. Now when I'm in the NC foothills and I need to pee, I can just pee. Yes, I'm talking about walking out of the house, going down the driveway until I hit North Fork Lane, hook a left and go on down to the gate; well, this is about a 1/2 mile. But it's just me and the trees; they do not care if I pee along side of road; that is what the side of the road is for anyway. Anyway! The point of this exercise is simply this: You 'should' be seriously pissed off; but you are not because you do not know; so let me lay it out to you. I was listening to Charlie Rose doing an interview with someone that Charlie respects. They are talking about job creation and to me the most important statement was that about 85 people have more wealth than the accumulated wealth divided up amongst the rest of mankind. He said that they just might fit in the studio where the interview was being recorded. Now I might admit that I could have misunderstood the speaker's rhetoric. Yet, he also said that # 1,300,000 children walk out of school  each and every day; they are not sure where they are going to sleep that night. People need to wake up to the idea of unionizing labor as a business on behalf of business, not on behalf of 85 of society's most elite so that they can play water -sports all over your place in the sun. Never the less, the moment you walked away from the union was the day that you roiled over like the family pet. They let you be in the 'dog-eat-dog' world because you really think that you are an independent thinker. Right! Because this country is buying into the right to work state, you live payday to payday in the hope that your chance will come; you will find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Please! wake up from your nightmare remembering that it was the unions of the past that let the tempo of the middle-class create the great society. So! Now! I hope you catch my drift: you are all walking around the foothills peeing along side of the road because you cannot afford to purchase a home in Charleston, SC where you can walk out the front door to take a long walk because you are hooked up to a pee catcher dangling down your trouser's leg. SC is a right to work state; as such, it does not give a flaming fuck about pissing you off.  It's all about power. The idea behind the union is power; it's the construct of power. Union is power because it's the structure which determines the experience. Now! Remember you can always keep your head up your ass or buried in the belief that you will get your reward in another life; please, think about living in this life so that you can help advance your species forward, not crawling around on your knees hoping that someone who has a position will recognize your value. At that point, you may become a liability to your supervisor -losing another pissing match.
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