Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mack the "shiv"
Sex is a good way to get someone's attention! That said, let's play with our imagination and go back in time to the 16th century. Imagine how they might have looked at each other.  Machiavelli the adviser offering Lorenzo De Medici, the Prince, some free advise. "It seems to me more appropriate to pursue the effectual truth of the matter rather than its imagined one;" because, when questioned upon fear or love, he said, "It is best to be both loved and feared." It's situational, you know; but fear bumps love for safety's sake because "it is better to be feared than loved" when imposing your self upon others; as you might surmise in the criminal justice system; prison uses any means necessary, how ever unprincipled, to win control over the sexual tension floating like a spider's web connecting its inhabitants. Imagine living on the spider's web as it spins out of control by the very effects influencing it because sex has to do with the meaning of "is" according to President Clinton who holds the same stage as Lorenzo De Medici! For example, as a tutor, I was sitting in the library(as it was one of my duties in prison), when this guy sat down. Through conversation it came out that his belief about the boys that he protected had their own rhythm because he knew that each day one of those boy's will have a very big "shit" leaving his hole ready and tacitly willing for him to fill it up; he swears by it because these boys do indeed offer up their shit, sequentially, moving across the spider's web. So, sex is all about control over the "quid pro quo," where it is the gate keeper who controls access to needs, addictions. Please! how do you give into addiction so that you can gain a niche. How do you get away from yourself when you lack the skills to traverse the oncoming traffic. Life is moving in on you like running the mogul fields as you come down the mountain's side of descent. So! It's how you handle yourself in the prevailing situations, approaching pathways of fear, joy, disgust, or sadness as you shift from one mode to another like the skier approaching moguls to ride in and out of going down the mountain's slope. So, according to Machiavelli it is about how you handle yourself around the mogul; it is the difference between a fair or great run down the mountain's slopes. And, by the way, Machiavelli's understanding of the effect-jive about truth- has held the test of time, political wasteland.