Monday, July 6, 2015


Change! Yes, it is my hair again : I  have to do something, expressing myself so that others can identify me, style. You see, my hair is bitchy; it is getting in my way. OK! I'm open to a new look; but I'm not sure about how much of my hair I'm going to cut off. I'm thinking somewhere around my neck & shoulder line, the base of my neck, maybe. This is all I know so far because it seems to me that I'm looking at hair styles preferred by women, but my hair is too thin to pull that off. So! This is my situation: change. Maybe half way down my neck or half way up my neck, there about. Split down the middle too, I will run the path of my hair. I definitely do not want to emulate The Donald. No! Mr Trump has his very own & quite unique style which he owns out right. No! I would never want to embarrass him through imitation. Now, when I say that I need a new look, I say it because I scare myself when I look into the mirror at bed time; I'm doing my teeth right in front of the f***ing mirror. Plus, my wife makes me put my hair up in a tail; because otherwise, she is embarrassed over it -I want the freedom to discern previously unseen patterns in my life. What will happen to my memories when I cut my hair? When I look into the mirror who will I see looking back at me? Will I be me or will I be a budding rock-star?  Yes, it's me - I recognize those hazel eyes,; my Irish eyes are smiling back at me, you know. But, will you be the same to the new me? Change is a scary thing some times; what do you think?