Monday, September 14, 2015


On the cheap: OK! This could be a tale of two minds; "like a tale of two cities." One with -one without.  This is just "style" -you know! If you are going to be building something -in my case a 'fort' in and amongst the trees -anything - there are certain components at hand as well as their expenses; for example, yesterday my contractor said that it did not matter how much he was hauling in the truck bed any day of the year; he still drove the truck around at twenty miles per gallon...maybe if he had a full load he would get eighteen miles per gallon. Meaning! "it does not really make a difference when digging & running one or more holes into the ground for utilities because that is what a hole-digger does" when you are using one to did holes. For example, my wife is building an addition onto an outbuilding which will become sleeping quarters for guests: their bathroom. It needs electricity, water and a source for heat & air. Now! at the same time I'm building a project of my own. I'm building a wood shed to house my imagination, a place to evolve; as well as store some eight cords of fire wood for the winter's fires. Anyway! Now I have a water line running into the shed as well as electricity because, "you had to pay for the hole-digger anyway -one hole or five holes." It all comes down to the possibilities. What do I mean? If you are going to build something add into it its evolution. You know! After a while the room becomes smaller and smaller - you wished you had made room for -other things.  "Style"  is all about space in this example. OK! I'm coveting with my roof 7 times more floor space than her roof at ten cents on the dollar; it's just a way of looking at things. My shed's floor space is #473 sq. ft to her bathroom's floor space of 64 sq. ft.  My shed is open to fresh air; her bathroom is open to various scents, all of which I leave up to your imagination. Now, why am I telling this tale? Because, when I was telling Gracie, my niece through marriage, this morning about my fantasy -my project; she understood to it to mean that I got it on the "cheap." Where, what I meant was that I did not have to pay myself for my contribution. For there were only two of us doing the work, I and the guy whom I paid to be the boss; his name is Tommy; he is 68 years old, still sailing with the wind; his sails catching the wind like my roof's tin. I'm 73 myself, still on a "horse with no name" as they said some- where many years ago.