Friday, December 20, 2013

"To be or not to be...." a felon with out rights.

I find the middle east to be a very interesting place. I lived in Peshawar, West Pakistan in the1964/65 occupation. I also majored in the middle east while I was attending school at C of C. As I see it, the dominant force is in the understanding of how the powers were to be divided: bifurcated into Sunni and Shia. Sunni is the tribe, they govern by statue and the Shia followers were to be mindful of Mohammad's religious teaching as in the four rightly guided califs. Shia stopped adding to their intellectual flow in the 11th or 12th century. No new paradigms will be added to how the Koran is to be understood. It was the Sunni mind set that command with hegemony. Their hermeneutics of assimilating others and their religious beliefs were mindful of how best to govern their assets. The Ottomans knew how to balance their empire through position and wealth. It was the promise of Sir Lawrence left neglected that set the Middle East into a quagmire. The Western powers carved up the ruling tribes and gave power to govern to others, creating three new states. They, the West, got in the way of the tribes' cash flow. They destroyed the silk roads' merchant power. Now, as the 'West,' we only give notice if notice is given. When you join 'the black' you are giving notice. And 'notice' is how you get your needs met.
   Remembrance: It's all about the 14th amendment and without its protection you are dandruff on a good man's collar - that is how you are being treated. Or maybe you live in la la land. OK! Think about it as a distribution construct; and if you are a felon, you are denied access under the construct. When you are denied your 14th amendment rights, you are denied access. You are not equal amongst others.