Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My feminine side

I have been registering with the sheriff's office for 20 years because of a prosecutor's system that has since been determined to violate14th amendment's rights of individuals. Now this would be a good time for the SC supreme court to review my case; that is, if the judges do really want to crack down on prosecutors who eviscerate the justice system. Yes, in my case, the prosecutor was an instrument of evil, sacrificing my life, for her personal gain. She had no shame as she screamed out to the jury, "He is a 'time share sales' man...."She wrapped me up in a 'stain' that each member of the jury endured, a time share tour to see if they too where a 'big winner.' They too hated their time share salesman. But, did he have to die? Yes! the person you sent into prison died because of the process. OK! the body came back out but the brain was eviscerated. Yes, this is exactly why felons should join in with the Black Market's convergence. Also remember, there is power in numbers. And before I forget, the government already has access to your information. the only one who does not have access is the individual, you. So when you 'join,'you will get access to how it is best for you to get your needs met; that is what you get when you 'join.'