Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ideation needs action to spawn fruition

Back in the late 60's I made podium presentations to sell real estate. I used quotes to foster understanding with my audience. For example, "vision without execution is hallucination" ..."knowledge plus action equals success ...knowledge without action equals zero." Decision: 'decision' to some comes off as incision, meaning to cut off. So, yes, 'indecision,' a mental play, is a non-sequitur because its fruition is zero. Remember, unless it is an independent variable of thought, which it is not, it's a dependent variable, depending on outside action. You might say 'imprisoned,' for it is a fallacy to believe that you can use 'assumptions,' as 'consequences,' to validate the antecedents of behavior.  Simply put, 'indecision' is the absence of any 'action,' burying your head in the sand...hiding under the bed. OK! When I got out of prison I took a course in symbolic logic, and I learned that it is a fallacy to assume that the "if then" of one situation, its conclusion, preempts the "if then" of another situation's fruition. For example, misprision of a felon, left unchecked, eviscerates the felon's future, their 14th amendment. My detractors are 'hallucinating' over fear that they will be checked if I'm allowed to sell my story. The southern 'sex scandal' is riddled in corruption and anchored in political power; and, that is why I "blog." The 'blog' is my podium and "truth" is my 'knowledge.' And the real estate I'm selling today is for the interment of those detractors.