Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"May Yesterday's Dream Be Tomorrow's Memory"

So, how far back does 'yesterday' go? Age might have something to do with it, but I believe that the key to 'yesterday' is its opportunities, and your ability to avail yourself of their possibilities. Now, the southern season is an exclusive club made up of those who are from the right side of the 'tracks,' and if there is a felon hiding in the family tree, well than, you need to be in politics to help put out the fire that is attempting to tarnish your dreams. Yes, if you have money and power, the rogue prosecutor will sell you access to the Papal bull, and allow you to use the family's free get out of jail card. You know, as in Monopoly! If you are from the right side of the tracks, and you have assets which you allow the prosecutor to admire, then there is a silver lining in your cloud of disrepair. Remember that we all feed from the same trough and the rogue prosecutor feeds on those who are weak and lack the social accoutrements of power to fend them off. So, maybe 'today' things will look a little bit better and you will find a job that will help you elevate your family to a higher place on the food chain of life. If you have transportation, that is. And of cause, transportation is just one of the many obstacles facing any family in the bottom 20% of the food chain. It's all about money, right. So, what is your 'tomorrow' all about? Just maybe Daddy Warbucks from Annie's fame will come into your life as it came into the newly refurbished Dock Street Theater on Church Street in downtown Charleston, SC. Well maybe the bottom 20% cannot afford the price of admission.