Saturday, December 28, 2013

"The Institute of Higher Burnin"

So what do you think? Really! Santa dropped by and told you that there was going to be a redistribution of wealth so that you too could provide for your family as if you were a full member of society riding the 1% wave. Congratulations! You must have won the 'lottery,' did you? No! Well neither did I or anyone else in my neighborhood. OK!  You didn't win. So, you are hiding behind the veil of optimism, or did you have an aha moment in which you came to another one of reality's tipping points where you are the tennis ball being battered back and forth between the forces which are controlling your life. And yes, this is why you are rolling another 'joint.' Because it helps to take away the pain of knowing that you are in this situation. The situation of not being able to enjoy your family with the seeming ease that is demonstrated by those who are riding the wave of those who are in the loop. Yes! Because of the mounting pressures that are battering against your quixotic optimism you are choosing to cop-out. May I have a hit off of that 'joint' of yours; thanks.