Monday, December 2, 2013

What do I propose?

A "think-tank" to help address the needs of this 'convergence.' What I'm asking the felon to do is quite simple, support your future. Every day the "system" produces new felons into the ever bloating morass of social dysfunction. When I was in the 'joint,' they called me: Library Man. And all felons know who the library-man is. He touches each inmate in his own way. As for me, I was a member of the 'cookie-crumb', and therefore, I tutored for all subjects. I hung out in the school, 24/7. My primary job was to help the inmate to understand the material so that he could pass the test. Now, the longer the inmate could stay in school, well than, he had a system for reducing his incarceration, good-time and school-credit. As for my self, I maxed out all systems and went zero-sum with time. Meaning: I served the absolute minimum time for my sentence. A 'Union' is but a 'Partition' stating a grievance against its social contract. They,  the "Power Barons" pay a tenth 1/10 to their church. You could pay a tenth, 1/10 too. It just depends on you, for you are zero "0" at the moment, without union. Fund the "think-tank" with dues and you will be able to influence the 'system'  to better meet your needs. 'They' are keeping 'the common-good' away from you. 'They' are manipulating resources so that you are not eligible for them.  'They' read "the prince" by Machiavelli. 'They' understood.  So now, know your terrain. Unionize!