Thursday, December 26, 2013

"...Yesterday, it seems so very far away...."

22 years ago the state of SC, in collusion with 'the' rogue prosecutor, entered my world and like the terrorist from afar ran crippling steps through my life. My question to you is a simple one, but not to diminish its effect on your life, have you too been raped by the rogues of law, order and politics? I wish you would share the pain and anguish so that you too can be heard. Together, our stories can reach the pinnacle of distorted corruption which runs through the aristocratic mind set prevailing within the walls of justice. Help to bring down the shroud that they hide behind -law and order. Whose law? Whose order? Whose justice? The 'rogue' prosecutor's; that is who. Yes, the police state prevails hidden deep within the bowels of that shroud. Not the 'shroud' of Jesus, that is for sure. Come follow into a new beginning. One that will help marshal and even the odds against their ever corrosive diet -one's humanity. Now! The challenge is buried deep in the interpretations, of their social justice; their principles are rotting.  So! (i.e, where do you lay your body down -with the 99% or the rogue 1% of humanity?)