Monday, December 23, 2013

Social justice: that is an oxymoron.

'Social justice' is an oxymoron. I got 12 jurors, all of whom survived the brutal storm called "Hugo" in 1989 the previous week. Yes, the jury was picked out of a dysfunctional population due to the storm. And I had been held for months in the dungeon of the old condemned prison in Conway, SC. This jury had been primed by the prosecutor just like the bull is primed before  the matador einters the ring. The question is: why didn't the judge mandate a mistrial since there was no evidence presented with their testimony? For example, so that I could get my real estate license reinstated, the state ran an FBI check on me and it was their conclusion that their was no evidence, just a conviction. I got reinstated because the commission was made up of rational individuals. They were not being tortured by the remnants of "Hugo"or being corrupted by a rogue prosecutor.  Question: do you think that the jury would be able to reject their own prejudices and not project them upon the defendant?