Tuesday, December 3, 2013

14th amendment: "equal treatment to all" And only as a 2nd thought, I'm listed as '666' in the sheriff's office.

The 'confetti' of little dicks, he kept inside a brown paper bag along with the eviscerated portraits from which he harvested his "trophy."  I knew a man who did the same thing. He was a Myrtle Beach mover and shaker. He was paying some of the expenses when I was promoting the resale of time shares along the Grand Strand. Such a perfect 'format' it was: from the top of the Domino pizza box... into the Hotel room...into the family's dream...free raffle ticket from Domino's. Which if won, represented the range of the winner's opportunities to enjoy with their family. So, the questions always comes up: "why did you give it all up and go seek the Shaman in NM? First! I did not own the company that held the listings for the time-share resorts. And the opposition tried to man handle me in such a way that I feared for my life. There was nothing for me to stick around for. I needed a change because I needed the listings for the promotion, and I no longer worked for the company that held the listings.  NM was offering me skiing on the high sierra and access to the local shaman. Now that is why I left when I left. Also, NM changed its laws and now requires a real estate license to conduct business. The job required me to be there to attend a licensing program.  "Confetti of little dicks" is my chosen metaphor; the Southern mind set to use a 'sex -crime' as a means to an end. Plus! We all know that the girls are playing around with that "confetti' in the bottom of that brown paper bag.  They too will lie: Mother and Daughter. Remember. The girls in the bottom of the brown paper bag do not care about "equal treatment to all" for, to them, size matters.