Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"thinking with out mind"

If you were to observe a moment in time 'today,'could you visualize it 'tomorrow,' as if it were 'today'? Wholeness is the coming together of two things: 'brain and body.' Please let us look at this coming together; the eye is part of the brain whereas the ear, nose, mouth, and touch are of the body. It's the confluence between the two, body and brain. 4/5 to 1/5 top down processing of the brain combining the bottom up mixture from the body. Think of your stomach as if it were another one of your brains. For example, my figures are doing the typing, not my eyes. It's a body thing. You could say that your body and brain play out on the mind's stage. You know what I mean. It's your posture. How comfortable are you in your body? For me, it is all about dancing. Now it's different still when I among strangers, for this is when I am most free. Now! Repeating frequency can be difficult because I can not visualize tomorrow what I observed today. I'm dysfunctional. But, I do have 'vivid dreams' each and every night; my 'dream life' is quite robust. Yes, it would be so - so interesting to be able to 'day dream' during the day bring back any 'yesterday' as if it were 'today'. How cool would that be?