Thursday, December 12, 2013

666…if it relates to your pain, unionize!

In the defense of my wife, and by the way, she does not need anyone to come to her defense, but she was in the room with me sitting in front of the commission when the attorneys for the commission - who had presumably read my trial transcript - stated that there was no evidence presented to the jury to substantiate the charges. And, within moments of receiving this knowledge, the commission gave me my license back. This meant I could take the new test so as to assure the state that I was competent. I passed; but, I could not move on because my license was eviscerated due to the stain put on me by the states of NM & SC. Being labeled in anyway is against my 14th amendment, but being juxtaposed to Satan and bear his sign 666 - my listing number in the sheriff's office- as I do, renders me dead. This is why I am in the process of setting up a program to unionize felons. For you see, I'm still in prison. So, I must still be in the business of educating inmates. Therefore, my responsibility lies in regaining their 14th amendment rights. Let me refresh you memory, in the "icicle garden'' I was the 'library-man.' If a prisoner was in lock-up, or even on death row, I was the one who got their learning needs met. I was a cookie crumb; I worked for the school principal, G. Cook, who was into making a difference. I allowed for each inmate and the 'differences' in between the inmates to be fostered as best he could. Cook and my wife both have education in common. I see that in the way my wife offers up ideas to help assimilate creativity in the teachers that she teaches how to teach. She is a pedagogue, master of communication. She and Cook are on two different sides of the 'wall,' or as I like to think about it, the 'icicle garden.'
Felons need to leverage their numbers to help shift the balance of power back in their direction; political power is the derivative that produces the force needed to regain a felon's 14th amendment rights. The way to do this is through forming a union to demonstrate to others that our needs need to be put back on the table. Without a conscious effort to reintroduce the felon back into the community, an idea not on the drawing board of most states, it won't happen. My hope for felons, is that you, in conjunction with, commit to self preservation and unionize.